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Historical monuments

Ismoil Samoniy mausoleum

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           The mausoleum was built during the reign of Ismail Samani, one of the most outstanding members of the Samanids dynasty, who ruled Bukhara from 892 until 907. Originally, the mausoleum was intended for the grave of Ismail Samani’s father, Akhmad, but later became the burial vault of the Samanids.

            The external composition of the mausoleum seems rather simple, a hemisphere atop a cube. Burnt brick is used as a building material. All four facades are identical. The unusually beautiful brickwork of the walls gives the building a sort of delicate lightness.

            According to a legend, Ismail Samani had ruled for more than 40 years even after his death. That legend also says that when people wanted justice, they came to his mausoleum, prayed and put their statements on his grave. The next day they would received the answer and their problems were solved immediately.

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